Bill Adjustments

Policy on Water Leaks
Water and Sewer Customers have the opportunity to request a bill adjustment to their water bill if they experienced a high water bill due to a break in their service line or a water leak in their home. In order to request a bill adjustment, customers must fill out and adjustment form. Completed form can be returned in person, faxed 502-839-5106, or mailed to: Attn: Water Depatment, 100 N Main Lawrenceburg, KY 40342. Requests for adjustment must be submitted before the 15th, any forms recieved on the due date will reflect on the next billing cycle.

All requests for adjustments to monthly water bills must be accompanied by by proof that the leak has been repaired (copy of plumbers receipt or receipt of materials purchased).

Sewer Adjustment Information
Sewer Bill Adjustment Request