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Fire Department

Our Mission Statement:
The Lawrenceburg Department of Fire and Rescue is committed to excellence in service for our residents, businesses, and community visitors. We are committed to meeting the needs of this community and providing the highest level of life, property, and environmental protection. We will achieve this level of service by providing uncompromised service in such a way that encourages innovation and professional development. Our department is working to become an all-hazards response agency to better protect our citizens.

Our Vision:
The Lawrenceburg Department of Fire and Rescue is working to be recognized as a leader in our profession and a role model in our community. We will be an exemplary, service-driven department in providing Fire, Rescue, and Special Hazards services with strong leadership, all available resources, and highly trained and motivated firefighters and officers. We will work together as a team to secure a safer tomorrow.

The Lawrenceburg Fire Department is a volunteer organization.