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Code Enforcement/Building Inspector

The Building Inspector Department serves the City Of Lawrenceburg by inspecting new residential and commercial construction; zoning, flood plain, and building code enforcement.

Why do I need a building permit?

Building Permits are required to erect, alter or enlarge any structure on your residential or commercial property. Permits are required for work ranging from new construction, remodeling, repair, and additions, to new roofs, swimming pools, retaining walls, lawn sprinklers and signs.  Weather building new facility or adding on, a request for a permit must must be accompanied with a site plan that shows the proposed work and its location in relation to property lines and existing buildings. Plan diagrams and specifications assist in determining if the project conforms to building and zoning regulations.

How do I obtain a building permit?

An application, which is available from the Inspections Department, must be submitted along with construction plans, survey or plot plan and other documents, depending on the scope of your project. Plans must be drawn to scale, dimension and of sufficent clarity to be read easily. All utility easements, building lines, and drainage easements must be shown. A complete checklist is available to help you determine all the required submittals.

If you have any questions please contact Tom Bond at (502) 839-5372.

Commercial Building Permit

Residential Building Permit

Application for Variance

Application for Conditional Use Permit

Sign Application for Permit

Fireworks Permit

Plan Review One & Two Family

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