All water bills are mailed out the first of the month and due the 15th.

Automatic Payments

To avoid late charges and possible service disconnection due to late payment, set up automatic payments from your banking account. Complete the bank draft form, attach a voided check, then mail or drop off at our office.

Bank Draft Form

New Accounts and Transfers

New and transfer water accounts are required to have the following:

  • Rental/Lease agreement (between lessee and lessor/owner/property management company). If one is not available, a written agreement between the legal owner and the renter(s) indicating date of move in, location, owner’s name(s), renter(s) and signatures of all parties.
  • Purchasing a new property will require closing papers(settlement statement)
  • Copy of Drivers license
  • $100 deposit is required for all renters (residential and commercial). This is to be paid in cash, check, or money order. We are unable to accept credits cards for deposits at this time.
  • If the applicant or renter/lessors have outstanding water balances, these accounts MUST be paid in full prior to any water services to begin or transfer to new location.
All new and transfer services will be connected or transferred the next business day.

Disconnect Water Service

Water accounts can be closed for the following reasons, but limited to:

  • By customer request: requires identification (current driver license).
  • Non payment on water account after 15 days after water service has been disconnected
  • Death of customer: verification with death certificate.

Water Service Cut-Off

Water service can be disconnected for the following issues, but not limited to:

  • No payment on water account after the disconnect date noted on the water bill.
  • Vacant location showing usage of water.
  • No payment on NSF check
  • NSF check on a deposit for water account.
  • Theft of water from either City or another customer’s connection.

Service charge for disconnection or being on disconnect list is $40

Bill Adjustment

Complete the form to request an adjustment on your bill.

Sewer Adjustment Request